Myer Farm Distillery

A true ‘field to flask’ distillery, brothers Joe and John Myer primarily use organic grain from their own organic farm to produce a range of spirits.   They use a 650 liter copper pot-still from Carl, Germany’s oldest still maker, for their distillation.  The Myer ancestors have a long history in agriculture, essentially founding the town of Ovid where they reside in 1789. These are accomplished brothers in agriculture (John runs the family farm of over 600 acres), animal husbandry, music, art, and poetry.  They use only their own well water naturally filtered through sub-strata of limestone.  Old roots with modern sensibility makes a great distillery.

myer farm wheat whiskey

Myer Farm John Myer Wheat Whiskey

Tags: wheat. Type of Spirits: Whiskey. Locations: New York.

John Myer Wheat Whiskey is made from a spring wheat.  The Myer attention to detail is evident in that...
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myer farm white dog

Myer Farm White Dog Corn Whiskey

Tags: Corn and Organic. Type of Spirits: White Whiskey. Locations: New York.

Produced from all organic heirloom (non-GMO) variety of corn from the Myer Farm, this is unaged corn whiskey that...
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